Marta Musial is an artist, architect and tech designer. She is active on international level, working on projects in music, art, built environment and tech startup industry. She graduated from Master of Architecture and Urbanism in Warsaw, Poland. She has experience from star-architect Buro Ole Scheeren and other renown studios. Her works are inspired by space-age, sci-fi, nature and monumentalism. She reflects a journey to outer worlds.

Marta Musial explores transformation. We all have dreams of unknown, creative worlds. By pushing boundaries of creativity, the space can changed entirely. As part of exploration, Marta tests various materials, technology, different worlds and shape possibilities. The space is for the soul. The audience takes part by unleashing their own creativity and the space transforms them, so they feel freedom, curiosity and inspiration to take actions in their own lives.

Marta Musial gathered her experience in renown architectural companies such as famous star-architect Buro Ole Scheeren (Beijing, China), designing large-scale developments in the USA, Canada, China, and the UK for entertainment brands and major developers. She has also collaborated with PWD (China), Groundlab (UK), Open Architects (PL), and OVO-Grąbczewski (PL). Her most notable collaborations was on the award-winning and acclaimed Fire Museum in Żory, Poland or skyscraper Fifteen, Fifteen in Vancouver, Canada.

In the startup world, she created a product design studio F7space and she co-founded the startup Swapp (Chicago, USA). She collaborates with international companies and agencies, offering design services.

For several years, she has been organizing her own series of events and actively working in the music industry, designing and constructing large-format art installations and music stages at festivals.